Cutter capacity: 12 to 40mm
Stroke: 50mm
Rated speed: 320 rpm
Weight: 13.2kg
Dimensions: L400mm H195mm W120mm

The new LP40 provides the power, accuracy and efficiency of Unibor broach cutters in very restricted spaces.
With a fixed maximum height of 195mm, the unit will operate in ‘U’ and box sections, the easily accessible rearmounted controls and the ratchet drive switchable to either side, give unrivalled flexibilty for the most challenging applications. Light weight, high torque, integral oilfeed, automatic slug ejection and a swarf guard all add to the feature set of this highly versatile machine.








Airbor 2

Powered entirely by compressed air, the Airbor 2 is aimed at applications such as petrochemical plants; offshore oil and gas facilities; mining; shipyard and marine, mineral and powder processing industries, etc. By eliminating the risk of explosion from sparking and the danger of electric shock and short circuits due to moisture, the airbor is quite simply the only magnetic drilling machine that can offer such a high degree of safety.

Cutter capacity: 12 to 50mm
Chuck capacity: 13mm with chuck adapter
'No Load' Speed: 400 rpm
Weight: 13kg
Dimensions: L260mm H490mm W190mm
Hydrobor HUW150

Designed and developed for the particular needs of underwater engineering specialists, this unique machine uses hydraulic power and a special mechanically switched magnet to bring the accuracy and performance of bench drills to underwater workpieces.


Cutter capacity: 12 to 60mm
Stroke: 160mm
Speed: 50 - 400 rpm *
Weight: 21kg
Dimensions: L380mm
UA50 Autofeed

This machine automatically adjusts the speed of advance of the cutter into the workpiece to achieve the ideal balance of optimum cutting speed and maximum tool life, it can be left to finish the cut using its integral motion sensor and depth-limiting switches for automatic stop. Two units can be used simutaneously by one operator to double productivity.

Cutter capacity: 12 - 50mm (HSS)
Stroke: 184mm
Speed ranges: 350/650 rpm
Weight: 21Kg
Dimensions: L360mm