We stock a wide variety of accessories to permit the use of Unibor machines and cutters in all kinds of applications and conditions. If you have a specific application that is not covered, we will be happy to look at the problem and develop a solution.

Change cutters in less than 10 seconds with the

No more searching for allen keys or fiddling with tiny grub screws - cutters are very quickly attached and removed with the patented QuickHitch tool-free arbor.

The QuickHitch will accept any 19mm diameter shank cutter with one or more flats, and it is available with a range of attachments including No's 1, 2 and 3 Morse taper, meaning it will improve the productivity of almost any kind of magstand, lathe or machining centre by reducing the cutter change time from almost 4 minutes to under 10 seconds.

Cutting accessories

There are mounting clamps for pipe drilling; pilot pins/slug ejectors for all cutter sizes; 90 degree 3 flute countersinks; specially formulated EcoCool cutting oil; carrying cases; handy cutter kits with the most popular sizes - or custom cutter kits with specifically requested sizes.


A full range of direct tapping attachments, collets, clutched collets, colletholders and accessories for use with the Unitap

Arbors and chucks

There's a comprehensive range - Morse taper adapters, No's 2 and 3; chucks in varying sizes; Morse taper coolant feed arbors; and collets and shank adapters for almost every combination of sizes and standards.

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